Ecoplexus is a leader in the development, design, engineering, construction, and financing of solar energy systems for the non-profit, commercial, municipal, and utility markets. The company provides a full set of professional services covering the entire process for a solar energy facility.

Ecoplexus' system performance and financial modelling teams are some of the most experienced in the industry. Our team reviews every element of your solar generation facility and integrates data our from existing projects and 3rd party sources for weather patterns, local climates, and other factors which may affect design or performance.

Full review of existing site or facility consumption profile(s) and how will those interact with solar generation onsite, suggestions for operational changes to maximize financial returns

System performance modelling as well as financial models of how solar will interact with existing utility tariffs and onsite load, suggestions for tariff changes, full investment and return summaries

Representative designs for client review, amendment and sign off

Comprehensive review of all site and building structural elements and history including roofs

Boring, piling, and lateral force resistance tests for soils conditions for any ground penetration areas

Automated shading review for all locations of a facility and site, summary reports for monthly and yearly impacts, integration with our system performance and financial models

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Ecoplexus provides turn-key solar design and implementation services. Every solar facility we design and build undergoes a multi-step review and project management process. We focus on a design that provides the highest return on investment for customers and project investors. The design will include the selection of technology, structural elements, mechanical elements, and any utility interconnection requirements. We approach things with your entire project in mind to mitigate risks and save you money by working with your architects, consultants and any contractors early on.

We provide a full set of engineering options, including electrical, structural, civil

We have extensive experience in all categories of permitting and covering all governmental juridictions. Including use, environmental, forestry, and building permits

We source components directly from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry. We conduct detailed due dilligence and select vendors by performance, cost, financial viability, and aesthetics. 

We manage end to end logistics for components and materials and ensure the smoothest and fastest implementation possible

Our project managers have experience across a broad range of sites and technologies, and they combine business and engineering backgrounds. They provide a single point of contact for all issues and we use advanced IT tools where customers and partners can be integrated in real time

We provide on-site construction management and quality control. Our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of solar construction. We work exclusively with experienced electrical and general contractors with long track records of success on commercial-scale projects

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Ecoplexus operates and maintains its solar energy facilities for customers and investors. Solar facilities are extremely reliable and when well maintained acheive nearly 100% uptime. We offer various maintenance packages to suit any needs and only install equipment backed by strong manufacturer warranties.

Daily, monthly and yearly performance reports are available in real time. Comparisons on a forecast vs actual basis as well as a weather adjusted basis are included

We provide a range of cleaning options and services, as well as training for client staff should you choose to do or contract on your own

Detailed half yearly or yearly maintenance objectives and reports are maintained. Checks include all electrical and structural elements, as well as inverters and modules

We manage any warranty related needs and maintain a full warranty register as well as spare parts inventories. Ecoplexus provides a 10 yr warranty on all work and our vendors can provide up to 20 and 25 years on their components

All facilties have real time monitoring available online for customers and investors. This includes real time alarm capability for any system faults or issues, and exportable data and reports

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Ecoplexus' financial expertise and broad experience allows the Company to provide clients with a wide array of financing solutions for renewable energy systems. You can elect to have a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Lease, finance it on your own or via Ecoplexus. We maintain numerous relationships with banks and project investors and we offer options from no money upfront to prepaid agreements.

Investors who are interested to understand more about our projects, performance and returns please contact us.

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