South Bayside Waste Management Authority

SBWMA's Shoreway Environmental Center, California's Greenest Recycling Center and Transfer Station, serves as a regional solid waste and recycling facility for the receipt, handling and transfer of solid waste and recyclables. Shoreway serves as a national model for sustainable building practices and innovative recycling and material handling operations.


Implementing one of the largest solar energy systems at a recycling facility in California and the USA presented many challenges. First there were multiple interconnections with the utility. Next, those interconnections required extensive testing of the electrical load at the facility including their heavy machinery. The solar needed to drive maximum savings for SBWMA, and that required both physical infrastructure changes as well as operational management ones.


The SBWMA installation required a custom racking design to work with the limited weight loads and type of metal roof the facility had. The site remained operational at all times during the installation with our crews managing logistics and material movements around the demands of the center and constant truck traffic in and out.

Benefits and statistics

  • Energy generated lifetime - 30,100,500 kWh
  • CO2 avoided - 1,422,681 lbs
  • Trees saved - 30 acres
  • Annual system production - 1,540,120 kWh
  • 1st year savings - $60,200
  • Life savings - $ 1,400,300