Eden Housing

Eden Housing is one of the largest multi-tenant affordable housing developers in California. The project covered multiple sites and more than 2MW of power. The projects provide power to both property common areas and tenants.


Each Eden Housing site required a different financial and savings analysis and approvals from lenders and investors. Our very experienced financial team was able to create a unique power purchase agreement structure with Eden and their investors and lenders which led to substantial savings for all the sites. Designs were optimized to match the best possible financial return given the the varying set of tariffs and meters at the sites. Finally, the Eden project was the first in the United States to use the concept of 'Virtual Net Metering" as opposed to standard Net Metering. Our engineering, financial analysis, and project management teams were required to do things with the local utility and Eden which had never been done before.


The project covered multiple site environments including solar canopies, asphalt and composite tile roofs, and flat membrane roofs. Project builds included integration of new roofs in some cases and maintenance of critical warranty requirements for others. Our project teams and vendors collaborated to design the most durable and efficient systems for each site. The project had over fifteen different large component vendors.

Benefits and statistics

  • Lifetime Energy generated - 80,100,120 kWh
  • CO2 avoided - 10,422,681 lbs
  • Trees saved - 15 acres
  • Annual system production - 2,900,200 kWh
  • 1st year savings - $ 260,000
  • Life savings - $ 6,100,000