City of Milpitas California

The City of Milpitas California selected Ecoplexus to design, build, finance and operate solar energy systems at various city facilities. Designs had to be integrated with operational systems to maximize savings to the city.


Like many cities, Milpitas has many different types of facilties. The sites selected for solar varied widely and required extensive design experience from Ecoplexus. We went through an extensive review process for each site with the city. Some of the sites required a complete electrical consumption analysis with onsite testing completed at an electrical circuit level to assess the best ways to integrate new utility services to the site.


Complexities included one the first industrial tanktop installations in the US, and designing a solar canopy system which would work with a former sewage pump station where sub ground industrial structures still existed. The sites included five different racking solutions, three different inverter vendors and two different module vendors.

Benefits and statistics

  • Energy generated lifetime - 23,700,120 kWh
  • CO2 avoided - 1,422,681 lbs
  • Trees saved - 30 acres
  • Annual system production - 2,200,120 kWh
  • 1st year savings - $ 110,000
  • Life savings - $ 2,400,500